What’s Your Big Idea?

September 08, 2020

Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce has been gifted $7,000 by anonymous donors to help the business community through this time of crisis. The first donation was $2,500 and it was matched, plus, additional donors came in for second and third places!

Overarching Goal:

To collect and share all submitted ideas in one location for the business community. One winner will be selected to share their idea publicly and will receive $5,000 (or more if matching funds or other donations come in). All ideas will also be shared nationwide with other chambers and communities throughout the nation.


First place: $5,000

Second place: $1,500

Third Place: $500



  1. You must be located in the Coachella Valley to submit your idea to Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce
  2. Submit your idea on a word document and email to Info@RanchoMirage.org include your name, age, phone, address, email
  3. Deadline: October 15th, 2020 at 4pm – EXTENDED to Nov 15th! Great collection, we don’t want to stop! 
  4. Ideas must be ways to help businesses and or nonprofits succeed during this crisis
  5. You may enter as many times as you wish – this can be done in ONE or SEVERAL email submissions

Idea Example: Restaurants very early on in the pandemic became corner markets. So, rather than selling dough, they were selling eggs and flour and salt. This was a GREAT pivot for many since the grocery store shelves were empty. You may also submit EVENT ideas, MARKETING ideas or anything else. Get creative! Your idea might just go nationwide and change business for the better during a time when we need it- who knows!

“The donors wholeheartedly believe in our business community and want to drive creativity and innovation. Their hope is that others can use the ideas collected and perhaps the winning idea is a game changer for many! I am thrilled that they selected and trust Rancho Mirage Chamber with their gift. They are also encouraging the community to donate into the cash prizes!” – Katie Stice, President/CEO

Donors can contact the chamber’s CEO at Katie.Stice@RanchoMirage.org or (760) 568-9351 – also Media Contact.