The 55/5 Campaign to Learn to Swim

May 07, 2021

Claropool maintenance & repairs and CEO Stephen Little announced his new effort to end drowning injuries and deaths which are 100% preventable. The new initiative is called the 55/5 campaign. The beginning of this campaign was meant to honor his friend and founder of KIDS ALIVE- Do the five, which has been very successful in Australia.

Stephen Little and Laurie Lawrence for a Kids Alive event.

The number five is so important in this effort!

Why is it important for us to spread this cause?

  • Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children in ages 1-4
  • Drowning is preventable
  • There needs to be more awareness of pool related injuries
  • Swimming is a life skill that can be taken everywhere


Water Safety

May is National Water Safety Month which was recognized when the World Waterpark Association launched an initiative in June of 2003 called National Water Safety Week. That initiative through strategic partnerships grew and became the National Water Safety Month.


Stephen Little and Claropool have long been leaders as related to water safety and swim lessons having launched several water safety initiatives and projects such as Take your swim lesson home, the Swim to Win initiative, Olympic learn-to-swim clinics and finally a partnership with regional YMCAs across the country and The USA Swimming Foundation which have precipitated tens-of-thousands of FREE swim lessons mostly in the Coachella Valley but in other markets around the country also!


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Learning to Swim

It only takes $55 to give a child eight formal swim lessons! Here they learn to swim, float, recognize dangers, resuscitate, and so much more. In just EIGHT lessons, we help reduce the risk of drowning by 88% (USA Swimming).

This life skill can be taken anywhere, from vacation resort to a pond. Swimming is a very versatile activity that can not only help save a life, but also encourage a better lifestyle. This skill encourages heart health, promotes better sleep and better memory! Furthermore, swimming can be done by anyone!


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Five leaders in the pool industry: Fluidra, Pentair, HASA, Pool Corp, and Jandy are helping to bridge the business of swimming with the sport and leisure of swimming by partnering with Stephen Little for 55 days. All have pledged to donate and help END preventable drowning injuries and fatalities.

We are set to reach our goal of $55,000 in the first 55 days of summer 2021! That will be able to teach 1,000 kids how to swim!

Think we can double that by the 55th day of summer and teach 2,000 kids by then?


All the money raised will have a 100% impact on kids learning to swim! For more information and to donate, please visit or call (760)341-3377.