SwingPoint Media: Boosting Your Website’s Credibility With High SERP Rankings

May 23, 2023

Boosting Your Website’s Credibility With High SERP Rankings


Do you know there are over 63,000 searches per second performed on Google? As a local business owner, you can compete for some of those searches. Small business search engine optimization (SEO) can help boost your website’s credibility, helping you earn more revenue. But if your website is not visible on Google search results, you should learn how to improve your ranking on Google search.

Now, let’s go to the practical part. How can you do it?

Tips to Boosting Your Website’s Credibility with High SERP Ranking

To boost your website’s credibility with high SERP rankings, you should

  1. Identify and use the right keywords
  2. Have new landing pages for each important keyword in your niche
  3. Use relevant backlinks
  4. Write copy that appeals to people, and Google will love you!
  5. Share on social media

Let’s discuss each part separately.

Identify and use the right keywords

It is important to identify what people are searching and their level of keyword competition. It will help to use keywords with low search volume because ranking on Google’s first page will be easier.

Use keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, etc., to find relevant keywords and their search volume.

Still, you must choose your keywords carefully to ensure the search intention will benefit your local business.

This means that if you aim to sell a service or product, you may have to avoid keywords with the words “free” or “DIY” in it. Because the reader is looking for free stuff and not to buy your services/products.

Although that keyword may bring thousands of people to your site, choose a different keyword to bring in buying customers. A client or two that reads your content and converts will make a bigger difference to your business.

Create new landing pages for each important keyword

A landing page is a standalone page on your website that visitors are redirected to after clicking on a call to action (CTA). If you are running an HVAC business, you can have a landing page for keywords search as Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing, etc.

Where can you place these CTA links? Newsletter signup on your website’s home page, Google ad, or CTA on relevant blog content.

Ensure you add locations to title keywords, especially if you are targeting people near you. For example, your title can be Plumbing Services in San Jose.

Use relevant backlinks

Google considers your website important if other websites link back to your website, as these links indicate that your site has high-quality content. But you have to ensure that these links come from websites in your industry.

If you get inbound links from a parenting website while you are a digital agency, your site ranking might suffer and make your competitor rank above you. A safe bet is to generate backlinks using email marketing campaigns, your Facebook page, LinkedIn, and also Quora. And also, don’t forget to have outbound links to build your site’s credibility.

Write copy that appeals to readers


Google loves quality content, so they always try to show relevant content that answers your search intent whenever you search for something. Ensure your content gives relevant information to the reader, and the longer they stay on your site, Google believes that your content is helpful.

Share content on social media

You probably have a following on your social media business pages, and you will help your website rank higher if you share your blogs on these social media channels. Inbound links from these sites will help your website rank higher on SERPS.


5 Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Let’s jump right in!

It helps your website get organic search traffic

The first benefit of SEO is that it helps attract a target audience to your website. This can help you grow an audience and increase sales. Choosing location-specific keywords aimed at your industry will bring converting customers to your website.

SEO helps boost your credibility/brand awareness

Quality content posted regularly will help your readers view your business as trustworthy. Your readers will share and keep looking forward to your new content. Google considers this and how often you post and interact with your audience.

Remember that Google uses EEAT — experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to help you rank. So add your contact pages and Google Maps so Google knows about your business, and if you post shareable content, Google will see you as a serious business and will reward you with ranking.

Generates leads cost-effectively

SEO will help you generate leads without additional cost. You don’t have to pay to appear on SERPS; your content will do it for you. Aim to create helpful content, and as search engines crawl your site, they will promote useful content free of charge.

Puts your business ahead of the competition

Many businesses understand why SEO is important and invest heavily in it. That means that you should analyze your competitors, find out the keywords they rank for, and use them to create better content for your site. Also, ensure that your site loads faster to minimize bounce rate to stay ahead of the competition.

It helps you appear in local searches

Local searches mostly lead to conversions. To appear in the local searches, create a Google My Business account and fill in your business information, including location, telephone number, and the correct name. Encourage your customers to leave online reviews. Since local searches like “Solar power installers near me” often convert, your business will make sales and repeat customers.


Boosting SERP rankings is a long-term process that requires consistent effort and dedication on your part. However, when you implement the strategies discussed here and commit to them, you will see a gradual improvement in your website’s rankings. Invest in SEO as your digital marketing strategy and enjoy getting organic searches and the credibility your business deserves.