Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) what is it and what’s new

April 26, 2021

Many of our Sage 100 customers own Sage CRM as part of the integrated platform that can integrate with Sage 100 or run stand alone. WAC Solution Partners has expertise in Sage CRM and can assist you as needed. Several people asked about Sage CRM recently and below is a simple picture explanation as well have attached a what’s new video link at the bottom of this page from Sage that explains some of the new features of Sage CRM in detail.

Customer Relationship Management is a business wide implemented strategy for managing and strengthening your interactions with clients. Find out how automation tools and sharing information between departments can jumpstart your sales, marketing and customer service activities.

CRM solutions provide accurate and timely flow of information between different departments of the business. The exchange of information between all the customer facing departments allows for an integrated approach to managing the business.

Benefits of using CRM software programs are:

  • Improved sales performance by using sales automation tools
  • Resolve customer issues efficiently by providing accurate customer data to customer service professionals
  • Customer Management options for off-site professionals
  • Easily integrated with accounting solution of an organization
  • In-depth view of marketing campaigns within an organization

Link to Sage video: Sage CRM: What’s new in Sage CRM 2020 R2 – YouTube

Link to Mike Renner’s original blog:  Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) what is it and what’s new. – CASERV