Rammys 2024 Honoree: Ambassador of the Year – Candice Stankus

January 29, 2024

 The Rammys is the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Awards & Installation Dinner where we honor our outstanding local businesses, non profit organizations and dignitaries. Also at this event we will be installing our new board of directors and recognizing our outgoing board. Please RSVP and register online at: https://ranchomiragechamber.org/advertising-event-reservations/
We are pleased to announce one of our Ambassadors of the Year! Meet Candice Stankus, an Account Executive of KDFX & KPSP. Candice is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the broadcast TV, radio, and cable industry. As an Account Executive for KDFX and KPSP, she brings her extensive expertise to drive success and growth for the organization.
With a strong background in TV and digital advertising, Candice is recognized as an expert in her field. Working with esteemed networks, radio and advertising firms, she excels in producing and writing impactful commercials that effectively convey key messages to targeted demographics. Her ability to engage consumers and increase their interaction with the brand has made her one of the top account executives and communications experts in the Coachella Valley.
Candice’s career spans two decades during which she has honed her skills in storytelling, branding and lead generation. Her diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of industries, from home improvement and retail to automotive centers, medical practices and nonprofit organizations. Her talent and versatility have allowed her to deliver exceptional results for clients across various sectors.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Candice is actively involved in community initiatives. She proudly serves as an Ambassador for the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce, where she collaborates with both new and established companies to promote them throughout the community. Her dedication to fostering business growth and building strong partnerships reflects her commitment to the local business landscape.