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September 01, 2020

Free Live Webinar: Estate & Legacy Planning

Date: September 9, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT


Event Description:
Free Live Webinar – Estate & Legacy Planning

The #1 Most Common Reason for Not Doing Your Estate Plan?

Procrastination. We think we always have tomorrow.

But let me ask you,
• If a faucet were leaking, when would you turn it off?
• If your child fell and were hurt, when would you help them?
• If your car had a flat when driving when would you pull over?

These are super easy answers right, NOW, without question.

So, I congratulate you for acting now & signing up for the Free Estate Planning Webinar, with Pantea Fozouni.
One of the reasons families who are left behind suffer is due to poor planning. And let us be honest, the last thing you would ever want to do is leave and know your spouse and children have lost the home you have worked so hard to provide.

Pantea will cover:
1. The Tools You Need to Keep Your Family Out of Court & Out of
2. How to make sure your children are always taken care of by the person you know will be the best choice.
3. What probate is and how to avoid the 14+ months of financial and emotional delays is caused to your family.
4. and much much more…

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Learn the critical estate planning documents you and your family need to have and can put them in place right now!

Join Pantea I. Fozouni of Palm Desert Law Group, APC as she walks you through the law, real-world scenarios, without the legalese!