Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: A Message to Our Customers

April 15, 2020

We’re All in This Together

As a company focused on the health and cleanliness of your home, the impact of COVID-19 has made us reflect on the safety of our community like never before.

That’s why the Oxi Fresh team wanted to reach out to you to offer some encouragement during these challenging times.  We’re all in this together, and we’re here for you.

To that end, we’re doing our best to help protect our customers with updated cleanliness and safety standards.  We’re committed to following these procedures so we can help keep our community safer.

Additionally, Oxi Fresh has services that can help keep your home safer and cleaner.

We’re offering a hard surface disinfectantThis product kills off a wide range of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.  This will leave your home’s surfaces safer.

We’re also offering a Carpet Sanitizer that kills off odor-causing bacteria that can become trapped in carpet and upholstery.

If you’re interested in these services, please call our Scheduling Center at 877-OXI-FRESH.  Ask if your local Oxi Fresh has hard-surface disinfectant and Carpet Sanitizer available.

Again, we wish everyone safety and health during these trying times.  We hope that we can help make your home safer and cleaner.


The Oxi Fresh Team

New Hard Surface Disinfectant

As part of our efforts to help our customers keep their homes safer and cleaner, we’re proud to offer our new, hard surface disinfectant service.  It uses a special product that meets the EPA’s criteria for use against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

This product is designed for use on hard surface touchpoints like doorknobs, countertops, etc.




Carpet Sanitizer

This EPA-registered product is designed to kill nasty, odor-causing bacteria trapped in carpets and upholstery.  In fact, it’s one of the only registered products that can make this claim for soft surfaces.

By killing off these bacteria, we can free your carpets up from lingering odors that can be difficult to eliminate.