Experience your tailored workouts and unlimited support from the best Fitness professionals in Coachella Valley.

May 02, 2023


We offer personal training services in a variety of formats and create custom wellness programs that perfectly suit our clients. Our team forces decades of proficiency in health, wellness, and nutrition training combined with functional fitness and strength training.

Experts at Send Me a Trainer offer personal training and group fitness services to individuals and HOA gyms. We conduct a monthly fitness assessment to ensure that our clients are making good progress, and to help their wellness programs evolve along with them.





About Send Me a Trainer

We are a team of fitness trainers and coaches that work with Country Clubs and Golf clubs as Fitness Vendors and Personal Trainers.


We train at HOA gyms and residential homes, also do online remote coaching for those who need accountability and guidance through their fitness journey.

Our services for everyone!


For more information, visit www.cvsendmeatrainer.com.