March 11, 2022

Now serving traditional boba milk tea, fresh fruit teas and much more!










MARCH 9, 2022 (RANCHO MIRAGE) – Dragon Lili Boba Bar, a new boba tea shop
created by local residents and offering its own unique premium tea drinks, has announced
an opening date of March 14 in the Rancho Las Palmas Shopping Center in Rancho Mirage.
The tea shop brings popular boba milk tea, fruit milk teas, fruit teas, frozen teas, yogurt teas,
and flavored coffees to the desert in a colorful, lively and upbeat setting.
“We’re excited to offer our very own classic and creative tea drinks in Rancho
Mirage and to introduce boba and fruit tea drinks to a new audience,” said Joe Enos, a
partner in Dragon Lili. “Dragon Lili offers guests a complete experience, from refreshing tea
drinks to a fun setting with an interactive selfie graphic, seating at the boba bar, and a
playlist of K-pop music.”
Boba milk tea and its many variations originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s and is now
one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the world. Also known as bubble milk tea,
boba tea, or simply boba, these tea recipes contain a tea-base mixed with fruit or milk, to
which chewy tapioca balls (known as bubbles, pearls, or boba) and fruit jelly are added.
Overall, Dragon Lili’s expansive menu features more than 50 drink choices and over
a dozen boba and jelly toppings. The tech-inspired boba bar with free wi-fi is the perfect
place to hang out with friends or get some work done with USB charging outlets for laptops,
tablets and phones. Dragon Lili’s storefront and walls feature multi-colored interpretations
of floating boba balls and the music playlist is exclusive K-pop.
“We were inspired by the youthfulness and the subtle sophistication found in
Japanese anime and manga (comics) when we were developing Dragon Lili,” said Enos. “Lili
represents a confident person exploring the world and expressing herself through her
interests in food, fashion, music, and pop culture. Yet with her pet dragon, named Boba,
she’s girlish and still has the fantasy of flying with her own dragon wings. This is truly the
interpretation of her free spirit.”
Dragon Lili’s drinks follow Lili’s youthful outlook… hand-crafted, tasteful, and
colorful. Like Lili, we’re curious and have searched far and wide to bring you the best teas
with premium ingredients.


Dragon Lili Boba Bar
Rancho Las Palmas Shopping Center
42-452 Bob Hope Drive, #2
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Open Daily
Sunday, noon–4pm
Monday-Thursday: 11am-6pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-7pm