Box Truck Fundraiser Benefitting Elder Love USA Thrift Store

January 05, 2021

Elder Love USA is opening their first non-profit thrift store in Palm Desert, CA.  100% of the proceeds goes to funding their mission of helping local seniors with in-home support services.  They will open for business February 1, 2021, but are accepting donations now.  Dropping off your donations at the store is preferred as they save on payroll and gas, however, they do offer fast and friendly pick up in the Coachella Valley.


“Whether you have one bag, or a hundred bags, we will come pick up your pre-loved items fast!” said Shannon Shea, executive director of Elder Love USA. “We understand that there are many folks who cannot easily drop off items at a thrift store.  We want to offer this free service as part of our overall mission to help older adults.”


The new store location will be located at 74880 Country Club Drive in the Ralph’s shopping center on Cook and Country Club Drive in Palm Desert.  The store will focus mainly on selling men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, bric-a-brac and smaller pieces of furniture. Due to limited floor space, they cannot accept large items at this time.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged us to look outside of our client fee-for-service revenue model,” said Shea. “With the opening of this store, we will be able to offer amazing, high-quality goods for an exceptional price which brings in revenue to help more seniors while reducing our hourly fee. It’s a win-win.”


Elder Love Thrift Store is looking for your pre-loved items to help get the store stocked and ready for opening day.  They are also looking for volunteers to work in the store.  Opportunities include working on the sales floor, sorter/tagger, driver, and ambassador.  Volunteers will be given a 30% discount on all items (even sale items).  Seniors, students and active military will receive a 20% discount.  Their hours of operation will be 10 am – 6 pm daily, but may be adjusted. 


Elder Love USA, Inc. helps local seniors with in-home support services such as bathing, dressing, personal care, cooking, cleaning, shopping, medication management, transportation and more.  They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax ID# 81-3044392.  Their website is and their toll free number is 888-336-8322.  Due to limited floor space, they cannot accept large items at this time.  For a full list of accepted items, please call or visit website.


Name of Press Contact: Shannon Shea, Executive Director
Phone: 949-878-2072 (direct cell) 888-336-8322 toll free