Animal Samaritans’ Veterinary Clinic Extends Service to 7 Days a Week.

June 16, 2021

Animal Samaritans’ Veterinary Clinic Extends Service to 7 Days a Week.

To meet the growing needs of pets throughout the Coachella Valley, Animal Samaritans’ Indio Clinic has extended their days of operation to include Sundays. This announcement comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has placed an incredible strain on Coachella Valley Veterinary Clinics.

“We know pet owners are eager to schedule appointments for their pets,” notes Animal Samaritans’ CEO, Tom Snyder. “They don’t want to wait a month either. That’s why we’ve expanded our hours to include Sunday appointments in Indio.”

The demand for animal health services increased after people began adopting more pets to find a “stay at home buddy” during the pandemic. While the record number of adoptions across the country has been exciting to watch, it has also created a clog in the animal health care system. As it is in many parts of the country, in the Coachella Valley we lack the requisite number of veterinarians to adequately meet the demands of pet owners.

Animal Samaritans Indio Clinic’s Sunday pet care services include routine visits, as well as Urgent Care appointments. Recruitment for doctors continues at Animal Samaritans in hopes of bringing Sunday hours to the Thousand Palms clinic as well.

To book an appointment for your pet please call Animal Samaritans at 760-343-3477 X 2. In an effort to keep up with the increased volume of calls, both Animal Samaritans Indio and Thousand Palms Clinics have recently hired additional staff to answer phones to make scheduling your pet’s appointment a pleasant experience. What is more, we are seeking an experienced Call Center Supervisor to lead team. Qualified applicants can apply at


For more information call Valerie Kattz at 760-601-3930 or visit our website at