Using Content Strategy on Social Media for Your Business

May 23, 2022

Using Content Strategy on Social Media for Your Business



An effective social media content strategy is the foundation for achieving your business goals. It helps you interact with your ideal customer for the desired results as a marketing tool. Putting together solid social media tactics that drive success for your business is the focus of this article.



What was your answer if you have ever been asked about your content strategy? Having a social media account and posting online doesn’t mean you have a social media content strategy.


Your content strategy is your blueprint to succeed on the social platforms you use. The plan guides your way to achieving your marketing goals.


Without a clearly defined strategy, developing effective social media tactics is difficult.


Before we dive in, let’s understand the underlying concept of this discussion.


What is Content Strategy?

A content strategy is your foundation for making tactical marketing decisions. It is carefully laid out to achieve your business goals and offers insight into what content and platforms to use.


It didn’t stop there. Content strategy determines how to create and distribute the content and measure performance. Unlike the indiscriminate posting on social platforms without a good result, content strategy guides what you post and how to manage it.


If you like the idea, you need its components for remarkable success.


The Components of a Successful Social Content Strategy

While two social media content strategies may look similar, they differ in content and tactics based on the goal and information available to the creators. However, they ensure logical and tactical reasoning to build a workable strategy.


While there are several components, you will find the following very common.


Content and why posting. You need to research and analyze relevant data to understand the right content for your audience.

– Research your last content’s audience acceptance.

– Examine your competitors’ content and topic for trend analysis.

– Identify and fill a content gap in your niche.

– Find the content that works best for each social platform and network.

– Know your audience’s values, goals and needs.


Target audience. Audience engagement is best described as strategic communication. It helps to know your ideal customer better!

– Conduct social media audit to know your audience, where they hang out and what they like.

– Research using network-specific tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

– Think of the type of content that will best serve their needs.


Channel and platforms. Your content needs the best channels and platforms for optimum performance. E.g. Post career-related content on a professional channel like LinkedIn!

– Think of what content will perform best on the platform.

– Find current content trends, e.g. live video, podcast, RPG games etc.

– Ensure the content has your brand voice and resonates with your audience.


Publishing schedule. What stands you apart from others is how you schedule your posts. This practice is valuable for consistency, seriousness and professionalism.

– Create a content calendar to manage your content.

– Create a sense of expectation where your audience looks forward to the next update.

– Predetermine the number of content to create for quality assurance.

– Give your business communication the traction and focus it needs.


These four components set the foundation for building a reliable content strategy. As discussed, there are several of them to harness for marketing and achieving your goals.


Now, let’s talk about building a content strategy.


How to Build an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

A good content strategy is a foundation for making a tactical decision for success! It offers the chance to win your marketing battles and achieve your goals.


There is no one size fits all content strategy for success. It is best to go with what aligns with your industry, your information, and your understanding of the market.


And since marketing costs money, it is vital to have the best strategy for a good ROI. Thus, the following six items will enhance your success if implemented.

Define your goals

Any successful content strategy begins with defining your goals. State clearly what you want to accomplish. What are your brand’s mission, marketing objectives and business values? Who are your ideal customers to help achieve these?


Examples of goals could be:

  • Grow awareness for your business or product.
  • Attract organic traffic and generate more leads.
  • Get free trial signups.
  • Repeat customers and loyalty.
  • Read and comment on your post.


Note – your goal will change according to the stage of your business. But always match your goals with your audience’s.


Identify your audience

Knowing your audience is a golden rule in business communication. It enhances meaningful interaction and drives results. Find what your audience cares about, how and where they consume information and what questions they ask.


There are various ways to know your ideal customer:

  • Find and interact with them on social media.
  • Talk to your sales team for insight.
  • Check their comments online.
  • Get expert views and insights.
  • Engage them directly or ask a direct question.


Define and plan your content

In defining and planning your content, start from what you know to what you don’t know. Conduct a social media content audit to understand how your existing content performs and what to improve.


Here is what to do:

  • Use social tools to see your social media data and analytics.
  • Take a holistic view of all your social media content performance.
  • See which posts performed well and which ones didn’t.
  • Consider the content your audience loved and post more of them.


Create a content calendar

Once you know the performing posts and what your audience loves, plan your future content around it. Create a content calendar to harness your assets.


Here is why you need it:

  • Have a hub for everything you post.
  • Get a big-picture approach to your content strategy.
  • Visualize, organize and execute your content strategy ideas.
  • Repurpose old content for a fresh angle on a new platform with ease.
  • Easily schedule your content posting on each social channel for the best time.


Plan content distribution and promotion

A successful social media content strategy is not indiscriminate posting of content. It is about distributing and promoting content for more views and engagement.


For a well-performing post, think the following:

  • Have a content distribution strategy in place.
  • Include a share button for the audience’s convenience.
  • Encourage audience engagement by asking questions and getting answers.
  • Urge your audience to share your content with their networks.
  • Use content distribution tools for more coverage.


Decide on a Plan

Start your social media content strategy with goals and conclude with metrics to measure performance.


Here is what you need:

  • Tweak and optimize your plan over time.
  • Conduct content analysis at a regular interval for performance.
  • To have a top-level view of how your content performed over time.
  • Assess the content contribution to your overall content goals.
















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