Preferred Services Introduces Whole Home Disinfecting and Sanitation

March 28, 2020

In addition to the “ZERO CONTACT” service calls that we are now offering our customers and performing as of today we are also going to be offering a new service!

After much blood sweat tears and research:  We have finally got a solution to actually kill the COVID 19 virus that may be lingering in your home.

Just like after we clean your air ducts we “fog in” and sanitize  your duct work, this is the same process but a different liquid solution which includes a special mix solution of hydrogen peroxide to effectively kill viruses molds bacteria and germs and specifically the COVID-19 virus.

I will also have all the 3rd party proof for you and it’s FDA approved!

We should be able to start offering this service as early as Monday of next week.

Our special pricing to roll this out will be $997 per home up to 2000 square feet including garage.

Includes fogging the entire interior of home and ductwork as well.

Pricing as follows for larger homes.

2001-3500 square feet is $1295

3501-4000 square feet is $1493

4001-6000 square feet (you need to adopt me lol) $1777

Call for special pricing on larger homes or commercial buildings of over 6000 square feet.

Any new ac system replacement with my company will now have this process included at ZERO cost to you!

Just wanted to keep you on the front lines of this service we will be providing soon.

Please text me or email me direct if you are interested in getting this service performed for your home as we begin to book up next week.