Hospital Patients Throughout the Coachella Valley Need Your Help!

March 26, 2020

Hospital patients throughout the Coachella Valley need your help!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many scheduled LifeStream blood drives have been cancelled by our local hosts. These cancellations have resulted in the loss of approximately 5,000 pints of anticipated blood collection.

We suspect that some drives have been cancelled due to safety concerns. We assure you that donating blood is safe! Regardless of where our blood drives take place (mobile site or blood donor center), blood donations take place in a tightly controlled environment designed to maximize donor safety. LifeStream staff is committed to following rigorous safety and disinfection protocols. Additionally, while we are exempt from governmental social distancing guidelines, we are implementing new spacing policies to maximize donor safety and comfort. I hope this information addresses concerns you may have about blood donation safety.

Now, I hope you and your colleagues will take action and help us fill our blood drive calendar April through August by hosting a LifeStream blood drive in your building.

Hosting a blood drive is simple, fulfilling and rewarding. Essentially, we set a goal of collecting at least 20 pints at each drive. This goal is more easily achieved by getting commitments from donors (co-workers, customers, etc.) in advance of the blood drive. Blood drives typically run for about 5 hours but may vary depending upon the projected turnout. The blood donation process averages 45 minutes to 1 hour per person.

We will provide you with everything you need to host a successful blood drive: posters, sample communications, appointment sheets, best practices tips, etc. All we need is about 1,000-square-feet of space in your building, five (5) six-foot tables, approximately 30 chairs, two large trash cans, and restroom access. If providing tables and chairs poses a problem, we can certainly bring them to your location.

Thank you for your consideration; we look forward to your positive response. Simply decide which day of the week works best for your business and contact me at 909-677-0136 or Martin Arrendondo at 760-710-9360. We will review our calendar and offer available dates for your approval.

Thank you for your support!

Dan Ballister

Director of Community Development

LifeStream Blood Bank

909-677-0136 cell